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Starting August 26, 2010 Zynga launched Zynga Lotto. You get a lottery ticket with 9 squares. You can win 1 prize per ticket. You can choose 3 of the 9 squares. You get a prize if 1 of the squares contain one. You can ask friends for tickets (up to 20 a day). Each day you get a free bonus ticket.



The very first attempt (right after register) is very likely to have you win the prize. Upon the first scratch your odds are 1:9, on the second 1:8 and 1:7 on the third.

However seems like zynga algorithm generates a different random prize square every time you do a new scratch. So the win square can actually "move" 3 times.


There are 4 Sets of prizes:

Set Item
1 Turquoise unicorn
Turquoise Unicorn
2 Purple unicorn
Purple Unicorn
3 Pink unicorn
Pink Unicorn
4 White unicorn
Maureen The Unicorn

Items are limited to 1 for each account. You can also win a prize in FarmVille, Mafia Wars, YoVille and FrontierVille.


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