A photo of Coins.

Coins are the form of virtual currency that you use in the game to practically buy everything. Coins allow you to buy everything from clothing items, furniture, and even things like floors, windows, and doors.

Ways to Earn Coins Edit

  • Feed your pet from the Food Bowl
  • Pick up trash in Your Home and in your Neighbors' Homes
  • Clean your pet and your Neighbors' Pets
  • Play (dance, high five, etc.) with your Neighbors' Pets
  • Put fresh flowers in your Flower Vases
  • Feed your pet and your Neighbors' Pets Treats
  • Collect your Happy Neighborhood Bonus daily.
  • Collect your Comments Bonus
  • Sell gifts given to you by neighbors.
  • Collect your visitor bonus earned by neighbor's caring for your pet and house.
  • Buy Coins using your credit card or your PayPal account at the PetVille Bank.
  • Collect rewards from posts made by your neighbors found on your Newsfeed.

Buying Coins Edit

Similar to other Zynga games, Petville has an option where players can simply buy more coins for actual real money. In order to do this a player must head to the Bank.

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